RCMP investigating death threat on garage door in Surrey

Surrey Mounties investigates a death threat sprayed on the garage door of a Clayton Heights home last weekend.

Ivan Scott, founder of Keep the RCMP in Surrey, says the resident is a “supporter” of KTRIS, but won’t reveal who.

“I’m not going to say who that is, we don’t have too much to say about that at the moment. The police are investigating,” Scott told the… Now-leader on Monday.

Asked if he thinks it’s related to the civilian election, Scott replied, “It seems more than a coincidence that this would happen.

“I assume it’s related to the election, yes.”

“It’s terrible.”

KTRIS has been a vocal opponent of the city’s transition to the RCMP Surrey Police Department and has also endorsed mayoral candidate Brenda Locke and her Surrey Connect slate for the election.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Vanessa Munn said Monday that police received a report of the sprayed threat on Oct. 2, which read “Ur dead!!” in large white letters.

“That investigation is still ongoing and we are asking anyone with information to contact the police,” Munn said. The file number is 2022-149900 and the number to call is 604-599-0502.

“I cannot confirm anything about the potential victim of the threat,” she said.

Meanwhile, KTRIS sent an email on Sunday evening alerting the media to the threat. “At this stage it is not clear who the culprits are, but KTRIS believes that due to the fact that KTRIS recently approved Brenda Locke’s Surrey Connect slate for the upcoming municipal elections, it was certainly targeted against us by one of the competing slate followers. KTRIS will monitor the situation very closely and will not be intimidated at all to reconsider our stance on the RCMP and our approval of Surrey Connect,” reads the email from Ivan Scott and the KTRIS team.

“How low can Canadians sink? Apparently so low. I am bitterly disappointed – it is illegal, unethical, immoral, unfair and threatening. Is this a hate crime? Is this a sophisticated strategy? Etc?” the email reads.

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