Rent allowance Quebec, rent allowance gets a second boost

Quebec housing allowance is set to rise to a whopping $170 per month, the second increase since fall 2021.

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QUEBEC CITY — Quebec again increases housing allowance and housing benefits for those in need.

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A day after announcing that the Quebec government and its partners would build 3,000 social and affordable housing, Andrée Laforest, minister of municipal affairs and housing, said on Thursday that the provincial housing allowance will rise to as much as $170 a month, the second increase. since the fall of 2021. The latest decision amounts to a 70 percent increase, Quebec said.

About 134,000 Quebec households are eligible for this financial aid to help pay their rent in 2022-2023, the provincial government said.

Quebec is also increasing allowable rent under the Rent Supplement Program, allowing eligible households to use only 25 percent of their income for housing. The cost of eligibility for housing under this program will be increased to 150 percent of the median rent.

Thursday’s announcement by the government comes in addition to the July 1 action plan announced on May 19 and a campaign by the Société d’habitation du Québec to help households find housing or pay their rent.

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