Reporter Who Exposes ‘Sexual Criminal’ Bobby Chung Credits On BTS’ New Album Terrified With Death Threats + HYBE Says ‘No Comment’

It got to a point where they coined the term to bully a reporter.”BUSSAYShe started trending in real time on Twitter. HYBE responded to the controversy and said “No comment.”

  1. My God…
  2. Ah f*ck
  3. Armor fans as *x criminal..
  4. Korean ARMYs are out of their minds, what are they doing?
  5. However BTS is still silent.. amazing…
  6. F*cking Park Jimin.
  7. Jimin ah, why exactly did you choose the filter? Because of you, things have gone this way.. your fans seem to have lost their minds.
  8. Knowing Park Jimin fans, they are probably claiming that all of this is the company’s fault..
  9. Looks like they don’t have any fans left.
  10. This is the level of their fan base.
  11. Fan base can’t stand the heat so they come for the blood.
  12. They weren’t big bang fans like this either hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This is basically an online bully…not once or twice either.
  13. Do they think that donating and throwing money makes you have a good influence? Is all this worth getting rid of the fandom image? Their problematic fan base is way more.
  14. I seriously don’t understand why Jimin chose a criminal song in the first place. Doesn’t he have other singles? What exactly was the reason for choosing that song?

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