Rod Stewart’s two brothers, his “irreplaceable buddies,” die two months apart

Rod Stewart

Musician Rod Stewart, the youngest of five siblings, is mourning the loss of a second brother just two months after the first died in September. (Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times)

Rod Stewart mourns the loss of another brother in the space of two months.

The British pop rocker shared on Instagram on Wednesday that his brother Bob passed away on Tuesday, just months after his brother Don passed away.

“It is with great sadness that I announce the loss of my brother Bob last night, who joins my brother Don on the big football field in the sky,” the 77-year-old wrote, sharing an image of a candle flame and the words “Rest in peace.”

“I’ve lost two of my best friends in the space of two months. RIP Don and Bob ‘irreplaceable buddies’,” he added.

The “Maggie May” and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” singer is the youngest of the five children of his deceased parents. He also has two surviving sisters, Peggy and Mary.

Don Stewart died in September at the age of 94, just two days before Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died, the singer said at the time, adding that it had been “a devastating 48 hours” for him.

The musician, who was trying to build an early career in football, spoke highly of his siblings and said they all had a hand in raising him.

“‘I have to tell you, these guys were instrumental in supporting me, helping me get into music and just being there for me,’ Stewart said at Mary’s 90th birthday party in 2019, according to the Sun.

“Whether it was football or washing my dirty underpants, I can’t say enough about these guys,” he added. “These guys have been brilliant all my life. We’ve had our arguments, haven’t we, Don? A strange blow now and then, but I love you, and I love you, Mary.”

That same year, the Grammy Award winner — a reformed badboy rocker turned self-turned-romantic crooner — revealed his own three-year private battle with prostate cancer.

Record producer David Foster, actor Sharon Stone and commentator Piers Morgan were among many who shared their condolences in the comment section of Stewart’s Instagram post on Wednesday.

“My sincere condolences SRS,” Foster wrote.

“I’m terribly sorry for your loss my friend 😢,” Stone added.

“How sad… deepest condolences to all of you. RIP Bob,” Morgan commented.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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