Rookie WR Romeo Doubs does ‘rare’ things to start camp

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not shy about heaping credit for rookie wide receiver Romeo Doubs, who was an early shiner for Matt LaFleur’s team during the first week of training camp.

In his locker on Wednesday, the four-time NFL MVP said Doubs made the most of his early chances during the camp, and the consistency of the rookie’s “wow” moves reminds Rodgers of some of the recent greats at Green Bay receiver.

“It has never been too big for him. I really like the approach,” Rodgers said. “He’s a very humble guy, but you start to see the personality come out a little bit, which is nice to see. He’s had a lot of opportunities, which was great. Now that Sammy isn’t practicing for a few days and Christian isn’t there , a lot of opportunities for him, and he made the best of them.”

Day after day, Doubs puts himself in the spotlight by making big moves, such as a jumping catch over Eric Stokes in a team practice on Day 2, a win against Stokes in a one-on-one practice and an acrobatic catch in the corner of the Jordan Love’s end zone on Tuesday.

LaFleur complimented Doubs’ routine as a rookie. Randall Cobb thinks Doubs has a “special” ability to make disputed catches. Love said Doubs makes tough catches look easy.

Count Rodgers among those who are impressed by what Doubs tapes every day.

“It’s not just the team stuff. I thought he had good routes in the one-on-one against Stokes yesterday,” said Rodgers. “It’s just a matter of the mental stuff. He still makes some mental mistakes, but you expect them. It’s the approach, his release patterns, he catches the ball with his hands.”

Lots of good receivers have come through Green Bay since Rodgers was the starter. Donald driver. Greg Jennings. Jordy Nelson. James Jones. cobb. Davante Adams.

All of Doubs’ “wow” plays to date have made Rodgers reminisce about some of the greats of the past.

“Every day there has been at least one ‘wow’ game. And that’s rare for such a young guy,” Rodgers said. “We’ve had some guys over the years that did that, but they’re all in the top 10 Packers receiving history. Good start for him.”

That’s great praise. It’s early, but the Packers’ fourth round has caught the attention of future Hall of Fame quarterback

k. Is the next major connection in Green Bay already in the early stages of formation?

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