Ryan Gosling’s Bootleg Doctor Who Shirt Available to Buy

Ryan Goslings Ken for the Barbie movie, alongside a photo of Ncuti Gatwa attending the British Academy Television Awards on May 8, 2022.

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In another round of what can only be described as entertainment industry news Madvertisement Libs, the original artist behind a design that appears on a bootlegged doctor who t-srent effigy Friend Gatwa’s new doctor made the design widely available after it went viral this week and was worn by Ryan Gosling on the set of the Barbie movie

Yes, that’s one sentence, and everything is somehow true. Gosling went viral earlier this week…beyond fixed photos his as Ken alongside Margot Robbie’s take on the iconic Mattel doll showing the duo in neon bright skater outfits while shooting Barbie—thanks to a candid photo of the actor holding a . wear doctor who shirt in honor of Gatwa’s recent announcement as the last incarnation of the Time Lord. Gatwa, who will appear alongside Gosling and Robbie in Barbie, is shown in a mockup of a possible costume for his doctor, above the current version of the show’s logo. But here’s the thing: He’s clearly wearing some fast bootleg of the design, as you can still see the original artist Matthew Purchase’s watermark over it:

Purchase decided to make the design – complete with watermark for the full “Ryan Gosling on the set of” BarbieAccuracy of cosplay – available for sale on Redbubble, with 50% of shirt sales being donated to the Support Rwanda Trust, a UK-based charity that supports outreach to Rwandans. Of course the BBC wasn’t maybe too happy at first with what is a very strange turn of events, taking Purchase’s shirt off sale. But now that doesn’t only have incoming/returning Who showrunner Russell T. Davies and the official accounts of the show commented on the situation on social media, it seems that things have settled again, for now at least, as the shirt of the purchase available to buy again

Fingers crossed it stays that way, so Purchase gets to raise money for a good cause, and we keep getting what must be one of the weirdest bits of viral promo for the arrival of a new one doctor who star ever. And that’s saying something!

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