Shehnaaz Gill reacts to trolling she received for kissing and hugging Salman Khan, signs autograph with Sidharth Shukla’s name

SidNaaz fans were overwhelmed after Shehnaaz Gill signed an autograph with Sidharth Shukla’s name above hers. The late television actor and Bigg Boss star had shared a close relationship with Shehnaaz, which was coined ‘SidNaaz’ by their fans.

Shehnaaz signed the autograph with the message, “Shehnaaz Gill loves u. Keep supporting, Sid Naaz.” The name ‘Sid’ was written above hers.  The emotional fan tweeted the video and wrote, “The way she autographed n wrote Sid upar n then Naaz neeche rather than writing #SidNaaz together..I feel is cus she now keeps him at a pedestal so high like a GAURDIAN ANGEL watchin n guiding over her from abv n she wud always b behind him following his footsteps n life lessons…”

The actor also reacted to trolling she received for hugging and kissing Salman Khan as they attended Arpita Khan Sharma’s Eid party. Shehnaaz called it a part and parcel of being a celeb. She said that a huge fanbase translates into a lot of love as well as trolling. Calling these the positive and negative sides of being a celeb, she said that she chooses to focus on positives. “Main sirf positives pe hi dhyaan dena chahti hoon,” she said, adding that people give her so much love, so why should she focus on the negativity.

In an earlier interview, Shehnaaz Gill had opened up about the hashtag ‘SidNaaz’ and said that it was ‘everything’ to her. “For people, SidNaaz was just a hashtag, their favourite Jodi, but for me, it was life that I lived and experienced and it will stay with me forever. A big thank you to the audience who loved our pairing together and the hashtag as well. But for me it was not just a hashtag, it was my everything.”

Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla met on Bigg Boss 13 and instantly became friends. While the two were rumoured to be dating, they never spoke about the same. Sidharth died last year in September following a heart attack.

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