SKILLET’s Jesus-Loving Frontman JOHN COOPER: ‘I Never Understood The Roots Of Rebellion In Rock And Roll’

John Cooperthe frontman and bassist of the Grammy-nominated Christian rock group SKILLETrecently spoke with the “Idleman Disconnected” about the criticism he and his bandmates have received for playing “loud music”, which is often considered demonic or anti-religious by some people. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I just like loud music. I’ve always loved it since I was a kid. I just got to deal with it. It was probably sports. There’s something about the energy of playing a competitive basketball game or running track or wrestling or getting ready for that football game — whatever it was, there was something about that energy.

“I really don’t want to use Scripture cavalier, but I’ll throw in some scriptures that I think mean something to me, and maybe it applies, maybe it doesn’t,” he continued. “But I think of this scripture that says, ‘To the pure all things are clean.’ And one of the things that that scripture means, as I understand it, is that sometimes there will be something, it can be connected to something that’s really negative to someone, but maybe it’s not negative to someone else. could be flesh that was sacrificed to idols, as we see in the scriptures, and someone says, “Hey, that’s not me anymore. I gave my life to Jesus. I don’t want anything to do with that meat.” Then you might have someone else who is a Christian who says, “I didn’t even know this was being sacrificed to idols. I just thought it was meat and I was thankful that God gave it to me. I knew nothing .’ Music was kind of like that for me.

“I never understood the roots of rebellion in rock ‘n’ roll – sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll,” Cooper added. “That didn’t mean anything to me. I just loved the way it sounded, man. And I understood that God created music. The devil doesn’t make things; he distorts, right? So the devil comes in to steal – and kill and destroy of course But he wants to steal something that God made that was good and he wants to mess with it and change it to where he’s trying to get glory And I’ve always felt that music glorifies God So part of this comes from an aspect that to me was pure and I knew nothing about rebellion and I never got ready for that basketball game and was like, ‘Man, I feel like this is going to make me love the Devil.’ It was just loud music, and it was cool. So part of that was for that. But I will say, on a deeper level, to me I absolutely believe that music belongs to God. There is something of eternity about music. The Bible does that don’t talk much about music But there is something eternal We know the angels sang before we have ever been made. We know that music is singing and worship. We know this will be for eternity – it’s one of the few things we have here that will exist in some form forever and ever and always before the throne, when time has ended. So there is something about it that belongs to God. And my goal is, “Hey, let’s not let the devil…” It’s like that great old Christian song, “Why would the devil have all that good music?” Sure, that’s way back in the day. But we don’t let the enemy steal something that God has created. He may have distorted it, but we’re bringing that back under the rule of Christ, where music and art belong, because everything is the Lord. The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness – everything in it is his. So that’s kind of the way I look at it.”

Last year, Cooper was asked by the “Undaunted.Life: A Man’s Podcast” what he would say to someone who says that Satan works through rock music, and therefore Christians should not play rock music. He replied, “I would say that Satan can work through just about anything. I would say that music is not made by the devil; [it is] created by the Lord. All things were created by God. So instead of thinking the devil owns a genre of music, I’d say capture that music and bring it back under the rule of Christ.”

As for what he would say to someone who says it is sinful for Christians to have tattoos, Cooper said, “I understand why Christians think that, because of the Old Testament. I’d say it probably takes a little longer to explain the Old Testament law and what it means. But a short version would be that there are some things in the Old Testament that were a picture of something in the New Testament, there are things that aren’t pictures, like murder – we don’t murder, we don’t steal, etc. Dietary restrictions, things like that, were a picture of something.

“This is what God wanted: God wants to set his people apart and sanctify them for his name,” he continued. “And I don’t think God does that anymore the way we look; he’s doing that now because of Christ’s work on the cross, his resurrection, and he sanctifies us, which sets us apart from the sinner and the heathen.”

In several interviews over the years, Cooper has said that he “always believed in God” and that his mother was a “Jesus fanatic”. He also claimed he was willing to risk his career to take a stand for Christ.

SKILLETthe last album, “Dominion”was released in January via Atlantic Ocean.

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