It seems like Sleepy Hallow got himself into some trouble last week. In a video posted onto NYStateOfMind’s Reddit message board, the Brooklyn rapper and his entourage got into a crazy brawl with the staff of a restaurant they were dining at.

The video begins with Sleepy and his crew already in a heated argument with the restaurant workers at 1st RND restaurant located in American Dream, a mall in Rutherford, New Jersey. Multiple people hold the rapper back, and he throws something at one of the staff members. Then things get out of hand.

Sleepy begins to walk away, but the employee he threw something at returns the favor by hurling a chair in his direction. Sleepy subsequently loses what is left of his cool, running at the man and engaging in a fistfight off camera. Meanwhile, chairs soar back and forth across the restaurant as Sleepy’s entourage faces off against other workers.

A man who appears to be the manager is furious, screaming at the top of his lungs for Sleepy and his crew to leave the restaurant. “Get out! Get the f**k out!” He hollers, though his pleas are lost to the cacophony of chairs, signs, and insults being hurled around him. Finally, Sleepy and his crew exit, though not without the last word. “Suck my d**k, n****,” one of them says. They don’t leave a tip.

It’s unclear how the fight began. According to a tweet from a friend of one of the restaurant employees, Sleepy and his friends were rude to the workers and got upset when they had to wait for their food. It appears that Sleepy Hallow was arrested after the fight, but this has yet to be confirmed. Check out the friend’s comments below.