Steve Bannon demands adjournment of contempt trial due to media attention for House Jan hearings. 6

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon wants his disdain for the congressional process to be postponed in light of the “media blitz” surrounding the commission’s Jan. 6 public hearings.

In a judicial motion filed Wednesday, Mr. Bannon that the marching band is infringing on its right to a fair trial, unaffected by outside findings and assumptions formed from the public hearings.

“It would be impossible to guarantee Mr. Bannon a fair trial amid much publicized Select Committee hearings that claim to be broadcasting ‘investigative findings’ on subjects referred to in the Indictment,” the filing said.

“The media saturation in June and the upcoming hearings in July – just before the trial – justify a continuation,” the filing said.

Bannon’s trial, scheduled for January, will begin on July 18.

The commission held six hearings this month in which it began making its findings public after the nearly year-long investigation into the January 6, 2021 United States Capitol riots.

“The impact on the public is not limited to the hearings themselves, but to the media coverage that magnifies the hearings,” the Bannon filing states. “In Washington, DC, where the trial will take place — and where the charges alleged in the indictment took place — every major media outlet treated the hearings as top news story.”

The filing also points out that several of the committee’s findings during the hearings referred specifically to Mr Bannon and were relevant to his case without allowing him to comment.

“Anyone charged with a crime is guaranteed a fair trial under the United States Constitution,” the motion said. “This requires that a verdict be based on evidence presented at trial, not on ‘evidence’ or ‘findings’ presented in congressional hearings, or on the prejudices of jurors. In addition, due process requires the accused to be allowed to confront the witnesses against him or her.”

Mr. Bannon was charged in November with criminal contempt of Congress for defying the commission’s subpoena.

He says the charges against him are politically motivated and that the commission has conflicts of interest. He has pleaded not guilty.

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