Supernatural and Legacies Stars Join Kung Fu Season 3

kung fu season 2 finale spoilers follow.

supernatural star Kim Rhodes and legacies star Ben Levin teams up for season 3 of kung fu.

According to TVLine Levin plays Bo, “a barista/vigilante whose extracurricular crime-fighting leads to a clash with Nicky and her siblings.”

While Rhodes takes on the role of Carrie, “the representative of a restaurant investment group that takes a stake in Harmony Dumplings”.

kung fu season 2 finale olivia liang's nicky and yvonne chapman's zhilan

the CW

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Rhodes is best known for playing Sheriff Jody Mills on supernatural and Levin is best known for his portrayal of Jed on legacies.

kung fu coming back for a third season after its extension in March and star Yvonne Chapman will return to the show for Season 3, despite being murdered in Season 2.

In last month’s finale, Zhilan sacrificed himself to defeat crime boss Russell Tan, but Chapman will return as a regular for the third series.

yvonne chapman as zhilan, kung fu

the CW

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“It was never a question for us that we would ask the incredible Yvonne Chapman back to the show,” co-showrunner Bob Berens said in a statement. previous statement.

“Zhilan’s dramatic sacrifice in the Season 2 finale provides an exciting new beginning for her character, and we can’t wait for viewers to see what we have in store for her.”

JB Tadena has also been promoted to regular series as Sebastian, along with creator and co-showrunner Christina M Kim saying, “We’re so happy that JB Tadena is doing season 3 as a regular series.

“He brought so much depth and emotion to Sebastian’s character and was immediately embraced as part of the… kung fu family, both on and off screen.”

Olivia Liang previously proposed that Zhilan might come back in the future after her death, saying, “It can’t end there”.

kung fu aired on The CW in the US.

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