Taking Flight – and Vacation – in Dayton, Ohio

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It is well worth the trip to visit the historic city of Dayton, Ohio.

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The famous Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, hail from Dayton and are known as the birthplace of aviation.

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It claims to be “the world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum with more than 350 space vehicles and rockets set in over 19 acres (7.5 hectares) of covered exhibit space.”

One thing that was a nice surprise for us: the entrance is free. No one will ask for your credit card at the front door. We Canadians are not used to this.

If you’re a first-time guest, the sheer size of the museum is impressive, as are the many aviation displays.

Guests are treated to the history of military aviation and air force, including the early years, World War I, World War II, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Cold War, Flying the President, Research and Development, Global Reach, and Space.

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The highlights for us were exploring some of the older Air Force One planes, seeing where John F. Kennedy and other presidents did business, and the fun challenge of trying to land a plane in one of their flight simulators.

The Wright Brothers National Museum is also located in Dayton. It boasts “more Wright artifacts on display than anywhere else in the world, including the 1905 Wright Flyer III.”

We were lucky enough to get lodging at Drury Inn & Suits. It is clean, comfortable and safe, and has an indoor and outdoor pool.

The Drury is known in the US for offering an impressive hot breakfast feast and something called 5:30 Kickback. It’s a rotating menu of hot dishes and each adult gets three free drink tickets. Taking advantage of these benefits by having breakfast and dinner at the hotel can save a family a lot of money.

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