Tasmanian man sentenced to three years’ jail for child pornography offences

A 62-year-old Tasmanian man has been sentenced to three years in jail for “highly depraved” child pornography offences.

Collinsvale man Colin James Lightfoot pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to five counts of using a carriage service for child abuse material, one count of possessing or controlling child abuse material, and one count of possessing a bestiality product.

He sent, received and accessed child pornography images and videos between 2018 and 2021, and discussed child abuse in online chat rooms.

Lightfoot was arrested following an investigation by the Tasmanian Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team, which also uncovered 66 images and 17 images of bestiality material.

In pushing for a jail term, prosecutor Krista Breckweg said some of the material Lightfoot sent and received was “disgusting”.

His lawyer Fabiano Cangelosi pushed for him to receive no real jail time or a stint of home detention, arguing Lightfoot’s mental health was “very fragile”.

But Supreme Court Justice Stephen Estcourt deemed a term of imprisonment was necessary, saying his behaviour was “objectively serious”.

Justice Estcourt said online chats where Lightfoot discussed child abuse were “highly depraved” and despite having no real child victims, fuelled demand for child exploitation material.

He noted Lightfoot’s guilty plea but said there was no evidence he demonstrated genuine remorse or acceptance of responsibility.

Lightfoot will be eligible for parole after 12 months.

Woman sentenced over child abuse conversations

A 38-year-old woman who had “role playing” child abuse conversations with Lightfoot was also sentenced in the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The woman pleaded guilty to two counts of using a carrier service to transmit child abuse material, and one count of using a carrier service to solicit child abuse material.

She asked Lightfoot to send her child abuse material online and took part in separate conversations about child abuse with him and a man called “Clive”.

Justice Estcourt also labelled her offending as “highly depraved” but said her early guilty plea and a series of mitigating factors, including her “very good” prospects of rehabilitation and an extremely low likelihood of reoffending, meant she could be immediately released from prison.

He sentenced her to 12 months’ imprisonment but made a recognizance release order allowing her to leave custody immediately.

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