The Bookstore – Rights – HarperFiction has the latest book in Blake’s Ruthless Women trilogy

HarperFiction has written the latest book in the Ruthless Women trilogy by Melanie Blake.

Phoebe Morgan, editor-in-chief, bought rights to the UK and Commonwealth Vengeful women from Jason Bartholomew at BKS Agency. It will once again transport readers to the island of St Augustine’s Cove and behind the scenes of Blake’s fictional soap opera “Falcon Bay” to follow the show’s female cast as they battle to cope with the aftermath of the horrific crimes they have committed, coming out in the spring of 2023.

Blake said: “I have been overwhelmed by the success that the Ruthless Women series has received, especially in countries I have never been to, and I did not think for a moment when I finally started writing professionally at the age of 40. , that within a few years I would be a double Sunday Times bestselling author and published worldwide. I hope my journey, especially with my working class background and dyslexia, inspires others and shows that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

“Although I’m sorry to have to say goodbye to characters that I’m so touched have found a place in people’s hearts, this series was always meant as a trilogy. I’m proud to have proven that early critics are wrong in showing that books with strong, more than 50 female lead roles are in demand by the public, and I hope other writers follow suit in this recreated genre. My favorite part of the whole writing process is giving readers the “shock factor”, so I guarantee they’ll be part of the biggest roller coaster ride of all in Vengeful women. I absolutely love working with the fabulously talented Phoebe Morgan again, who has undoubtedly been absolutely crucial in helping to take my work to a whole new level. Here we go again!”

Morgan added: “Melanie is a real powerhouse and a truly unique storyteller that we are proud to have in our barn. It was wonderful to see Guilty women instantly hit the hardback top 10 and secured her position as the new queen of the blockbuster. I’m glad she’s staying with HarperFiction, and I’m looking forward to continuing our journey and reaching out to even more readers with her ingenious new novel. With new enemies on every turn, the women of Falcon Bay will once again do everything to survive. Filled with sneaky dark plot lines sewing from the side, old and new readers will be caught when the curtain falls for the very last time. ”

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