The Boys Celebrates Starlight’s Record-Setting Instagram Follower Count

Vought International, the superhero company from The Boys, congratulates Starlight (Erin Moriarty) on achieving a social media milestone.

The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, “Herogasm,” which released Friday on Prime Video.

Vought International congratulates The Boys‘ Starlight on reaching an Instagram follower milestone.

Vought is the superhero company within the universe of The Boys responsible for creating supes and turning them into glorified celebrities. Vought’s Twitter account posted a congratulatory message to Starlight (Erin Moriarty) for reaching 193 million followers on Instagram, which is “more than notable celebrities like Seth Rogen,” an executive producer on the series. In response to the post, The Boys‘ account tweeted out, “Who is Starlight? This is Annie f*cking January.”

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The posts contextualize the ending of The Boys‘ “Herogasm” episodethe sixth episode in Season 3. The last scene is Starlight going live on Instagram following Soldier Boy’s attack on the TNT Twins’ home in Vermont, which kills 12 superheroes and civilians and injures others. While live, she reports what happened and how supes like Homelander and Vought don’t care “about protecting Americans,” and that “most heroes don’t care about you.” Before the livestream reaches 22 million viewers and the episode cuts to black, Starlight reveals her true identity as Annie January and announces that she is quitting her role with Vought.

So, now the secret is out for Annie (as reflected by The Boys‘ tweet), but the reveal of just how many followers she has illustrates the number of her supporters that will hear the truth about Vought and Homelander, and the news will likely spread beyond them. This wouldn’t be the first time that Annie has caused a media frenzy in the series. In Season 1, she publicly outs The Deep (Chace Crawford) as a sexual abuser during the Believe Expo, which forces the supe off of the Seven super team.

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However, now the cat’s out of the bag with Homelander. The Boys, Starlight and Queen Maeve have been holding a recording of Flight 37 — the plane Homelander let crash into the ocean with all the passengers on it — to keep him in check, but the homicidal antagonist declares earlier in Season 3 that he will be fine being feared than loved if the video goes public. With Annie publicly declaring Homelander as “the worst” of Vought’s supes, fans will have to wait for the next episode to see if he goes off the reservation — or how far he goes.

Seasons 1 and 2 and the first six episodes of The Boys Season 3 are now streaming on Prime Video. There are two episodes left in Season 3 as of writing, with new episodes releasing on Fridays.

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