The Central Saanich Fire Department is offering new reflective signs

A new program in Central Saanich aims to improve emergency response times.

For a flat fee of $65, residents with long driveways or streets with poor visibility can purchase a reflective address sign from the Central Saanich Fire Department. It said in a release that these blue and white reflective markings will reduce emergency response times.

Central Saanich Fire Chief Kenn Mount said it can be challenging to identify the variety of complex and hidden ramps in Central Saanich during dusk, dawn and night. “With the addition of a reflective marker sign, we can instantly see and verify the correct address and don’t waste time looking for the correct driveway to your home,” he said.

The Saanich Central Fire Department is implementing a reflective address board program to support residents who may have

Residents can purchase the signs, which will also be more visible during poor weather conditions, for a flat fee of $65 at Central Saanich Town Hall at 1903 Mount Newton Cross Rd. The fire service assists with the installation for optimal and safe placement. For information, contact (250) 544-4238 or

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