The Chainsmokers Respond To “Paris” Becoming TikTok’s Abortion Rights Number

The Chainsmokers never came across as political performers. The last time the dance-pop duo appeared on this site, they were under investigation for playing a show for their brand FuckJerry Tequila in the Hamptons during the early pandemic era. Back at their insanely gigantic 2017 peak, the Chainsmokers felt it necessary to reassure the world that they are “not assholes”. But now that an old Chainsmokers hit has become an unlikely pro-choice TikTok song, the Chainsmokers have embraced it.

People reports that a number of TikTok users have used Chainsmokers’ single “Paris,” a number 6 hit in 2017, to protest the Supreme Court’s destruction of Roe V. Wade and to offer solidarity and assistance to women seeking abortions. Search. “Paris” is about a broken relationship, not about the end of abortion rights in America, but people have apparently taken the line “if we go down, we go together”.

On Twitter, the Chainsmokers write that seeing people using “Paris” in this new context was “something special to see”. A TikTok user posted a video of her crying while listening to “Paris”, writing: “Do you think The Chainsmokers knew their little pop song about Paris was going to be used to fight for reproductive rights? Fuck the Supreme Court.” Drew Taggart, one half of the Chainsmokers, reposted the video to Chainsmokers’ TikTok, featuring a side-by-side image of himself looking sad and lip-syncing the song. In the caption, Taggart wrote: “We didn’t see that. arriving, but are happy that something we wrote is being used to support a cause we believe in.”

@thechainsmokers #duet with @moschultemusic ♬ Paris – The Chainsmokers

The bar for “no assholes” isn’t very high here, but it’s worth noting that the Chainsmokers aren’t basically assholes at this point.

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