The former GM expects a big leap from Justin Fields this season

Chicago Bears fans can discuss defense, training, and other aspects of the franchise through 2022. Everyone knows where the conversation will always end. Back in Justin Fields. Since the graduation events began, whether it was social media, local media or national media, the topic has remained the same. Whether the Bears team has done enough to ensure the young quarterback can take a step forward in his development.

Opinions differed on this matter. Not necessarily because of mistrust in the fields. Rather, it’s due to criticism of GM Ryan Pauls for not doing enough to add help around him. The Bears didn’t spend a lot of money or high draft picks to upgrade their offensive line or wide receivers. The biggest contract offered was defensive tackle, and both of the best recruiting options were on their defensive backs. Already experts choose the Bears attack to end up among the worst in the NFL this season.

It’s been hard to get optimistic lately.

The only person who doesn’t seem too upset is Randy Muller. Three times the general manager knows the position the Poles have entered. The resources were intimidating, and he had to do what he had. Focusing on the fields was threatening to alienate the new GM from his most important job. This is a good team building. Sure, the quarterback could use more help. However, Mueller explained in Sports Talk Chicago that people underestimate how much the fields have improved this year.

It’s a fair point. Few things help a midfielder more than experience. Fields played in 12 games last year. Great taste of how fast and complex the professional level is. There were signs of improvement, even during his rookie year. Now he has months to go back to the movie from that season, learn where he made mistakes and begin the process of correcting them. This is why quarterbacks often take their biggest leaps in their second years.

Mueller is right. Justin Fields may not be knocking out Pro Bowl numbers, but he should be playing more efficiently and with better confidence. If the training around him is better than last year (and it hardly isn’t), there are reasons to believe progress is being made. Then in 2023, the bears will be in an excellent position to get more help.

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