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The Gambling Habits Of Canadians

Canada is a nation where gambling, especially online, is a popular pastime. And this is evidenced by a recent study suggesting that six in ten Canadians partake in gambling regularly. So, with the evidence there for all to see, what are the gambling habits of Canadians and those who call Canada home?

The first place to start is with the laws surrounding gambling in Canada. In the main, the rules are determined by the leaders of each province. So, in some, it’s totally legal, and in others, there may be grey areas or restrictions. And this applies to both offline and online gambling, including sports betting and online casino, with both popular choices among Canadians.

In Canada, multiple land-based casinos are spread around the country and in many provinces. And, because of how sociable Canadians are, it makes sense that these gambling establishments, with betting offices included in the conversation, are incredibly popular. They all offer a great day and night out and a social occasion to boot. But this hasn’t prevented the rise of online gambling, especially with the convenience it provides.

Global brand PartyCasino and other licensed online operators have quickly become the go-to for Canadians as gambling habits have undoubtedly changed over time. Now, gamblers don’t have to head to a betting office or land-based casino; they can pull out their smartphone and do everything they need to do at the touch of a mobile’s screen. The direction of travel, and habits, changed forever when internet gambling became possible, especially on the go.

Of course, it’s also possible to marry up the gambling habits of Canadians with specifics. For example, the NHL and Premier League soccer are both incredibly popular sports in the country. And a lot of Canadians tune in to watch live. But, they often want to place bets on the action, which is easier to do when you have licensed sports betting operators who are running ante-post and in-play markets. Canadians like to watch the action unfolding live and place bets at the same time.

There is also a penchant for video slots, as there is everywhere else where online casinos and Canadians are concerned. And this is evidenced by more gaming operators entering the Canadian market, such as PartyCasino, who we mentioned above. They, like others, have a platform that provides thousands of slots, of all different types and genres, to Canadians who want to log on and play.

What will continue to be the case where the gambling habits of Canadians are concerned is that they will keep changing and evolving over time. And a lot of this is down to the advancements made on the technology front. For example, if there were no online casinos, people would still be visiting land-based gaming venues. So, what could be the case now, may not exactly be the case a couple of years down the line. But one thing is for sure; gambling will always remain popular.


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