The longevity rules: what to do for a younger body – and brain | Weekend

Tthere’s no reason most people can’t live to be 100, says Dr Julia Jones bluntly. The neuroscientist and author is annoyed that her healthy life expectancy came in at “only” 97 on a recent longevity predictor.

Just a few years ago, before embarking on a two-year overhaul of his lifestyle based on the latest science, he was 74. Her new book, F-bomb: Longevity made easy, the accumulation of the knowledge she has gained in that time, encourages all of us to get those extra 20 years of healthy living by using her favorite “biohacks”; everything from building up your gut microbiome to having cold showers, or using music to slow down your brain waves. She is only interested in prolonging a healthy life, she emphasizes. No one wants to live

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