The Most Interesting Moons in Our Solar System

The moon Io, with Jupiter in the background.

Io, a volcanically active moon orbiting Jupiter.
Image: NASA/Newsmaker (Getty Images)

There are just eight planets in our Solar System (sorry Pluto), so the neighborhood can feel pretty empty. But there are over 200 moons orbiting objects in the solar system, including planets and large asteroids.

Many of these moons have atmospheres, complex topography, and even weather systems. They are dynamic, volcanic, and exquisite objects for space agencies trying to learn more about the diversity of planetary bodies and their satellites.

Some moons are larger than planets and some are little more than space boulders—but all can offer clues about how our modern worlds came to be. Here are some of the most intriguing moons (big and small) that are orbiting around our solar system.

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