The Real Reason Lisa Marie Presley Divorced Michael Jackson

Elvis starring Austin Butler as Elvis Presley just premiered, and the critics love it despite the initial doubts about the young actor. The King of Rock and Roll’s family also approves of his performance. Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie even said that Butler deserves an Oscar for “channeling” her father.

Now that Lisa Marie is back in the spotlight to promote the film, fans can’t help but revisit her controversial life in the ’90s. Back then, she was famously married to Michael Jackson. At one point, she even compared their relationship to her bond with her legendary father. Here’s what really happened between her and the King of Pop.


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How Did Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Jackson Meet?

The two started dating when Lisa Marie was 25. But Jackson later revealed that he first met her backstage at one of his shows when she was just a child. “Well when we first met she was seven years old and I was 17,” he said in a 1995 interview alongside his then-wife. “This was in Las Vegas, she used to come and see my shows all the time. We had the only family show on the strip – The Jackson 5. And she used to come and was this little girl and sat right up front. She had a lot of bodyguards. And then she came backstage.”

However, Lisa Marie said they “didn’t stay in touch after that.” A year later, Jackson developed an interest on the famous offspring. “Well at first, when she was 18, I used to tell my lawyer: ‘Do you know Lisa Marie Presley?'” the singer recalled. “And he said: ‘Well I represent her mother.’ I go: ‘Well can you get in touch with her because I think she’s very cute!’ He would laugh every time!” But at that time, Lisa Marie was still married to Danny Keough.

“Next thing I notice there’s a picture on a magazine cover where [Lisa Marie’s] married, which really tore me to pieces,” Jackson said of the marriage. “I felt that was supposed to be me, I really did.” Sure enough, he started pursuing her after her split from Keough. When asked how they ended up getting married, Jackson said that he asked Lisa Marie over the phone: “What would you do if I asked you to marry me?” She smiled as the singer shared the story during the interview. “And I said yes!” she added. The two tied the knot in 1994.

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Why Did Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Jackson Divorce?

In December 1995, the pair announced that they were getting divorced. It was finalized in August 1996. The publicist of the Billie John singer said that the two “mutually agreed to go their separate ways” but decided to “remain good friends.” Years later, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Marie opened up about the real reason she filed for divorce. She said she felt “quite a bit” of pressure to have kids with the pop star. “I was looking into the future and was thinking: ‘I never want to get into a custody battle with him, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to go head to head with him,'” she shared.

“I needed to make sure everything all around was good,” she continued. “I had children and I knew bringing in children into certain circumstances, you have to make sure everything was safe and secure and OK. I wanted to make sure he and I were really, really united because we were going to be up against so much.” Later on, she also revealed that Jackson gave her an ultimatum—if she didn’t have kids with him, his then-new friend Debbie Rowe would. “He would tell me: ‘If you’re not gonna do it, Debbie said she’ll do it.’ And we would get into arguments because that wasn’t how to handle it,” said Lisa Marie.

Rowe actually married Jackson in 1996. Then she gave birth to Prince Jackson in 1997 and Paris Jackson in 1998. “Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, ‘I will have your babies,'” she said of their arrangement. “I offered him my womb. It was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy.”

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However, she said that she conceived the children through artificial insemination. “I went to the ‘office’, which is what we called the medical clinic,” the nurse said of the process. “They impregnated me. It’s just like I impregnate my mares for breeding. It was very technical. Just like I stick the sperm up my horse, this is what they did to me. I was his thoroughbred.”

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