The respected Teesside family doctor is accused of running a terrorist group behind bombings and executions

The Teesside family doctor is accused of running a terrorist group formed after a campaign of bombings and executions in his native India.

Mukul Hazarika, 75, who faces a delivery case tomorrow, is respected by patients who praise his care. He lives in a £450,000 home and locals admire his immaculate garden that his wife keeps.

But authorities in India say his real name is Abhijit Asom and accuse him of helping to organize a campaign of violence as head of the Independent Liberation Front of Assam – ULFA (I), reports the Mirror. The banned group wants independence for the northeastern state of Assam.

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Dr.. Hazarika denies committing any crime. He is facing extradition over allegations related to his alleged previous involvement with ULFA, which has been linked to kidnappings, murders and bombings over a 30-year period.

He allegedly became the leader of ULFA(I) splinter group in 2012. At the time, he was a GP at the Queenstree Practice in Billingham – where he still works. He faces trial in India on charges of conspiracy to murder and preparation for a terrorist act between 2004 and 2007. The maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

Bellingham Health Center where Dr. Mukul Hazarika's surgery, Queenstry Clinic is located
Bellingham Health Center where Dr. Mukul Hazarika’s surgery, Queenstry Clinic is located

One ULFA attack, in 2011, derailed a train and seriously injured dozens of passengers. Dr. Hazarika was arrested last July by officers from the National Extradition Unit. The 10-day extradition hearing is taking place at Westminster Magistrates Court.

He has paid a £50,000 bond and must wear a card under a nightly curfew.

Dr Hazarika, who holds a MBBS, holds a British passport and is believed to have been in the UK since 2004. According to court papers seen by the Sunday Mirror, Indian authorities have accused him of “running and driving activities from ULFA(I)” while in his presence. in Britain. India alleges that ULFA(I), under Dr Hazarika, has engaged in “illegal and anti-national activities”.

She allegedly ran terrorist camps, recruited militants, and engaged in extortion and kidnappings to raise funds to wage war against the government.

The Indian government said the doctor addressed militants at Camp ULFA(I) in Myanmar in 2016. A ruling in the Indian Court of Special Judge in June 2019 claimed that Dr. Hazarika and alleged ULFA(I) Commander Parrish in the spirit of “conspiring jointly with their cadres to wage war on Government”.

The judgment claimed that Dr. Mukul Hazarika “is currently the SS Chief of ULFA (I) … he leads and directs the business and public activities of ULFA (I).”

Altun village
Elton Village, where Dr. Mukul Hazarika lives

Court papers alleged that the GP was linked to threats to “wage war through terrorist activities” in 2013 and to statements that the ULFA was allegedly responsible for a call to “kill security forces” in September 2014. Just a week earlier, ULFA(I) claimed responsibility for the execution “Infiltrators” who were allegedly spying for the police. It is not known if this follows the command of the command.

In an attempt to crush ULFA(I), Indian forces were accused of killing and torturing suspects. The original ULFA is engaged in peace talks with the Indian government and thousands of fanatical fighters have surrendered.

But the splinter group of 400 is said to still be participating in the hostilities.

ULFA (I) has previously denied that GP was involved with the group. But India’s National Investigation Agency says videos and photos indicate that he is its leader. They also claim to have evidence from former militants, including a man who is said to have been guarding a GP.

Patients at Queenstry, where GPs charge £71,000, have been told the doctor is on annual leave until May 30. One patient said: “He is one of the most respected people in Bellingham and runs the health center well.

“If it turns out that he was involved in anything untoward, that would be a huge shock.”

In the village of Elton – population of 324 – a neighbor said: “He is very respected and loved by the staff and patients. It is impossible to believe that he was involved with a terrorist organization.

“His wife does all the gardening and always has a nice spot. They are very thoughtful, hard working, and respectful people.”

The doctor declined to comment. His lawyer, Anand Dubaye, said: “Dr. Hazarika vehemently denies all allegations of criminal wrongdoing and intends to vigorously challenge them. As there are ongoing proceedings, we cannot provide further comments.”

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