The shortened POCUS curriculum leaves residents long on self-confidence, lack of skills

In the study report, Houston and co-authors describe their work in conducting a prospective pilot study before and after the curriculum to examine the POCUS skills of categorical internal medicine residents.

The original cohort included 41 residents; of the 23 who completed pre- and continuing education tests, 12 were interns and 11 senior residents.

On the way into the program, 18 of the 23 residents, or 78%, said they had not received any formal exposure to POCUS during their medical studies.

On outcome analysis, the authors report, trainees showed a statistically significant improvement in confidence levels in almost all diagnoses except pulmonary embolism.

In image interpretation testing, however, this subgroup improved only significantly in two out of eight tasks (recognized two signs of pneumothorax).

At the same time, residents recognized their need for more POCUS training. About 21 of the 23, or 91%, indicated their interest in POCUS as extreme or even higher.

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