The Weather Network – High Chance of Thunderstorms Over the Prairies on Sunday

A weak trough floats over central Saskatchewan, providing the necessary lift and instability to potentially spark another day of severe thunderstorms on the Prairies.

A possible mesoscale convective system, which is a prolonged thunderstorm, could slide over southern Saskatchewan overnight early Sunday morning, causing torrential rains and high winds.


Stronger storms are also possible in northern Alberta in the early morning hours. Heavy rainfall and frequent lightning will be the most common feature of the nighttime storms moving around a strong high pressure area to the south.

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The risk of severe storms is concentrated in eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. Large hail can occur and some hailstones can be more than 4 cm in diameter.

prairies risk

Thunderstorm risk will continue to track east on Monday, raising the chance of thunderstorms in a wider region of southern Manitoba.

Temperatures in the Prairies are experiencing unusually high temperatures, with thermometers indicating 5-7°C above season in some areas.

Next week: Rising heat will blanket the prairies

A high-pressure ridge coming from the south of the border will penetrate the southern regions of the Prairies in the coming week. This is causing a lot of heat in the provinces and is expected to last for most of the week.


The southern prairies can expect a long period of high temperatures in the 1930s. The magnitude of the 30-degree daytime temperatures could be approaching the monthly record high for Medicine Hat as the region heads into mid-month.

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