These are all the gangs that Rammstein was in before Rammstein

We all know Ramstein. However, we know very little About Ramstein – especially their prehistory. One thing, though, is that they’ve somehow kept the same six-piece lineup since they formed in 1994. But what went before? HammerI searched the depths of the internet to find every Till Lindemann band and her bandmates. They existed before they became the faces of German metal.

Metal hammer line broken


These East Germans were active from 1983 to 93, during which time future Ramstein guitarist Paul Landers was a founding member, while guitarist Richard Crosby and drummer Christoph Schneider also passed. Talking to metal hammerChristophe described Die Firma as “a new wave punk band…with gothic influences.” He also revealed that two members who were at one time government spies monitoring the East Berlin music scene.


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