These Swedish-speaking trash cans give seductive thanks

Sweden has introduced talking trash cans that give a sexy thank you when waste falls in.

Swedish rubbish bins are making headlines for handing out sexually oriented ‘thanks’ to everyone who throws in rubbish.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Richard Orange, one can see one of those trash cans make a comment with a female voice every time the trash can is opened.

You do not have to understand Swedish to understand the tone – it is sexual. Still, in the comments, Orange clarified what the trash can says, in order:

“It says” come back quickly and do it again “,” hmmm, thanks “,” yyyy, yeah right there “, and” aaaah, that was insanely good “, and” hmmmm, more “, and then back to” Come quickly back and do it again, ”Orange explained.

Eighteen of the high-tech trash cans were installed in the Swedish city of Malmö in 2017, but only two were able to speak. During the pandemic, the trash can reportedly changed its message to thank everyone for keeping a Covid-safe distance.

Now more bins can speak with both male and female voices – and they are horny.

Speeches for Swedish publication Sydsvenskanexplained the section manager for the city’s road departments, Marie Persson, that the seductive rubbish bins were part of a city-wide initiative to clean up the streets.

“The phrases are part of the campaign’s intention to get more people talking about the dirtiest thing there is: waste,” she said.

“The things that end up in our streets, squares and gardens, so please feed the bins with more rubbish … well, just like that.”

The sexy talking trash cans were meant to be a “new, humorous way of conveying our message,” according to Persson.

”[It’s] a positive reinforcement for people who do the right thing by giving them a laugh. ”

Nor did they get just any votes to bring on the seduction. Swedish rapper Joy revealed that she was the female bin voice.

According to Persson, the man is also mentioned by a celebrity in Sweden, but she would not say who.

The YouTube account Action C, posted their own video of the bins, which includes the male voice, so if you happen to know Swedish celebrities, see if you can figure it out.

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