Three ’90s Stars Are Revealed At Once On ‘The Masked Singer’

When we last left The masked singer, during last week’s season 8 premiere, the hummingbird had just been eliminated — but we had to wait until this Wednesday to find out its identity. The judges’ guesses had been everywhere, ranging from athletes like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Deon Thomas to AOR/MOR rockers like Rob Thomas, Uncle Kracker and Chad Kroeger, but the Hummingbird turned out to be a boy band. warbler Chris Kirkpatrick — the second *NSYNC member to join the show, after Season 1’s Joey “The Rabbit” Fatone. The judges guessed that several cosplay celebrities on the show could be Chris since, but this one time, with Chris humming Turn right before their eyes they were all wrong.

“We guessed it for seven seasons, and no one guessed it tonight!” laughed Robin Thicke. “I can not to believe we missed it!” exclaimed Nicole Scherzinger. “You stunned them, man!” host Nick Cannon chuckled.

Chris was actually one of three celebrities exposed this Wednesday as this season features a confusing new format with two or more contestants going home each week, while only one “reigning contestant” (currently the seemingly unbeatable Harp) moves on to the next episode. I am not a fan of this setup. I sure would have liked last week’s two entertaining eliminations, Eric “The Hedgehog” Idle and William “The Knight” Shatner, to have stayed a little longer, and one of this week’s dropouts, the Panther, would certainly have made a single weeks or even reached the semifinals in more traditionally structured past seasons. But I suppose if Fox hopes to convince several A- and B-listers (as opposed to C- and D-listers) to sign up for this wacky show, it’s easier if those celebs’ time commitment is just one episode. done.

Before the Panther was sent on the hunt, however, Wednesday night’s first unmasking was the Pi-Rat. Yes, that’s right: the Piratelike a pirate who happens to be a rat. (After eight seasons, this series is real is running out of costume ideas!) Honestly, the bizarre costume was all this reckless rodent had for him. His “Crocodile Rock” was quite cranky, and guest judge Donny “The Peacock” Osmond (who opened the Sin City-themed episode on Wednesday with a lively performance of “The Greatest Show” and “Viva Las Vegas”) commented: ” You’re an entertainer, but you are not a singer!” The judges suspected that the Pi-Rat, who performed with a miniature mouse puppet, could be Triumph the Insult Comic Dog creator Robert Smigel or America’s Got Talent winner Terry Fator, or maybe Dana Carvey, Steve Carrell or Carrot Top. But only Donny had guessed correctly that it was comedian/ventriculturist Jeff Dunham.

Then it was the turn of a crooning cosplayer who actually had the chance to go mask-to-mask with the Harp: the aforementioned Panther. His cover of “Feeling Good” was sublime and feline, and Nicole was purring, “That was a really soulful, beautiful performance. … It almost gave me hints of Nina Simone’s colors in there!” I have no idea why the judges guessed so many basketball players simply because of the Panther’s height, when it was clear that this was a professional singer Brian McKnight or Billy Porter, sure. But Andrew Drummond or Lamar Odom? On!

As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, the Panther had done more than enough to get ahead in another season, but then he literally confronted the Harp on “Born to be Wild” – and it was clear that the Harp was born to do it. So the harp prevailed. “Girl, you’re going to wear that crown into the semi-finals. It will be So hard to dethrone,” Nicole told episode two’s gilded singer and “reigning queen.”

And so we found out in the closing minutes of Wednesday that the Panther was R&B superstar Montell Jordan – another promising season 8 singer who left too early.

That means, again, the Harp was the last mask standing, after a feat of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” that was everything. (“That’s an angel!” Donny yelled after she sang.) And so this Vegas Week I’m doubling down on my previous guess: that the Harp cheerfulness star Amber Riley.

In addition to the almost instantly recognizable power vocals, all cues from the Harp trigger an Amber alert. She described herself as an “idol for anyone who felt like an outsider,” which was on-brand with the… cheerfulness ethos. She introduced herself with the line “And I am tell you”, and Amber was in Dream women. We saw a witch hat and Amber played the Good Witch of the North in NBC’s the Wizo and performed in Wicked in Concert. We saw 3D glasses, a likely reference to the concert film Merry in 3D. She mentioned winning awards for acting, singing and comedy – the latter honors she shared with her “besties” – and Amber has the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical, the Evening Standard Theater Award for Best Musical Performance and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (for cheerfulness, naturally). And the Harp said she auditioned for “the biggest show in the world” as a teenager but “didn’t fit the bill and was rejected,” and Amber tried unsuccessfully for american idol at age 17.

But perhaps the most notable tip this week was when the Harp said to Nicole, “I always love seeing our names together. We need to make it happen again soon!” That’s when Nicole, who starred with Amber in the short film Straight Outta Ozo with season 6 runner-up Todrick “The Bull” Hall, figured the Harp is indeed Amber Riley.

Will Amber – er, I mean, the Harp – survive another episode, when two more mysterious singers enter the competition? Come back next Wednesday and find out.

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