Toddler of Australian woman who vanished in Mexico may hold clue

Speaking to Todayfrom Moranbah in Queensland, Tahnee’s brother Daniel Shanks said the family are focused on supporting Adelynn as it’s likely she holds clues to Tahnee’s whereabouts.

“We believe she has been witness to it all,” he said.

Daniel Shanks said the family have employed a private investigator to help find Tahnee
Daniel Shanks said the family have employed a private investigator to help find Tahnee. (Today)
Tahnee Shanks has been missing for days after her daughter was abandoned outside a church in Cancun. (60 Minutes)

“Trying to get that information out of a 2.5-year-old that speaks half English, half Spanish, and a lot of gibberish is very hard at this stage.

“We have taken her to specialists to try and get information out of her other ways through drawing and other techniques.”

It’s been nearly two months after Adelynn was found alone and barefoot outside a church in Cancun, Mexico.

The sudden disappearance of the Queensland mum, and her partner Jorge Aguirre Astudillo, sparked a high-level police investigation.
Locals rushed to help after two-year-old Adelynn was found alone at a Cancun church. (60 Minutes)
The search for 32-year-old Queensland mum Tahnee Shanks is ongoing. She hasn’t been heard from since Saturday, April 30, 2022. (Supplied/Facebook)

Daniel says Adelynn is settling in “really well” to her new life in Queensland, but is missing her mum.

“She has been with my sisters for the last month in Brisbane.

“She’s safe. We are doing the best we can to provide for her…I’m heading out to see her this afternoon.”

Toddler Adelynn was reunited with her uncle Ben Shanks and grandmother Leanne in Mexico. She was flown to Queensland after being granted an emergency passport (9News)

Daniel said they are not giving up hope of finding Tahnee, and will be employing a private investigator to keep the investigation moving forward.

“It is terrible not knowing…It is hard to sleep at night,” he said.

“That is why we are pushing as hard as we can with the embassy and the Mexican authorities and engaging our own private investigator to keep things happening.

“We have just been given no information, that is the problem…We are not going away until we get answers.

“We’re not just going to walk away from this.”

A search is now underway in Mexico for 32-year-old Queensland mum Tahnee Shanks, who hasn’t been heard from since Saturday, April 30, 2022 . (Attorney General of the State of Yucatan)
Tahnee Shanks and Jorge Estudillo’s car was found burnt out on the same night Adelynn was found alone. (60 Minutes)

Daniel said they are hopeful they will have more answers within the next couple of weeks.

“From the information that’s come through, yeah, it’s looking reasonably positive that we’ve got some really good leads to follow now,” he said.

Tahnee had been living in Mexico with Estudillo and was holidaying in the country’s south when she disappeared.

The Shanks family confirmed the relationship had begun to deteriorate and the mother was considering a return to Australia.

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