Toronto police organization furious after man removes ankle guard device after arrest

The Toronto Police Association, which represents about 8,000 uniformed and civilian offerings, is speaking out after a man arrested in June for armed carjacking freed himself from his ankle-guard device and fled.

Toronto Police Department was notified on June 26, 2022, of an armed carjacking in the area of ​​Islington Avenue and Millwick Drive.

It is alleged that a man was riding a motorcycle when he was cut off by a male driver, who pointed a gun at him and demanded the bike. The suspect fled on the motorcycle and police said he escaped “in tandem” with the car.

Sameer Ejaz, 20, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with several offences, including theft with a firearm and willful disguise.

According to police, Ejaz removed the ankle-monitoring device he would wear as a condition of his release from custody.

The 20-year-old is again wanted by the authorities and is asked to turn himself in.

TPA Says Cops, Victims of Carjacking “Deserve Better”

The Toronto Police Association issued a statement Wednesday confirming that Ejaz was released on bail in September.

The ankle device he had to wear was one of his many bail conditions, which he broke.

“Every day our members risk their lives, only to invalidate their hard work and endanger the safety of the public. We deserve better. You deserve better,” TPA President Jon Reid wrote:.

Suspicion of armed carjacking
TPS says Ejaz, pictured, is wanted on two counts of failing to comply with a release order. Photo: TPS.

Reid says the bail is sending the wrong message to those who are victims of carjackings.

“What does that say about carjacking victims? What does that say about cops risking their lives to investigate and arrest armed suspects?” Reid wondered.

The criticism comes a day after Toronto police indicated what they called a “regarding increase” in carjackings around town this year. They provided an update on the latest arrests and other suspects sought in various investigations.

insp. Rich Harris said 182 carjackings had been reported in the city this year. In comparison, 102 carjackings were reported last year.

“We continue to experience a worrying increase in carjackings. These robberies are not only happening in our city, but are happening all over GTA,” he said.

The Toronto Police Department has formed a special task force to try and tackle the wave of carjackings.

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