Traffic accident in heavy rain in Pakistan: 13 dead

MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) – A truck overturned and fell on a passenger van in eastern Pakistan during heavy rain, killing 13 and injuring five, officials said Sunday.

Riasat Ali, a senior administrative official at Liaquat Pur in Punab province, said the incident happened near the town of Feroza in heavy rain late Saturday. He said a truck loaded with sacks of sugar overturned and fell on the van.

Ali said the van was crushed under the heavy load and rescuers were able to get out only five passengers who were seriously injured alive. He said the dead were removed after workers cut through the twisted wreckage. The driver of the truck was not one of the fatalities.

Poor road conditions, lack of safety awareness and disregard for traffic rules often cause fatal road accidents in Pakistan.

The Associated Press

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