Two Dimes Written Off NXT TV Due To WWE Release

Tony D’Angelo delivered family justice to Two Dimes for an off-screen betrayal, with the NXT goon being written off TV after his release from WWE. As you may recallWWE released Troy Donovan earlier this month due to a “policy violation” that was reportedly a failed drug test. WWE had two weeks of tapings where Donovan appeared but finally wrote him off with this week’s live episode.

In the segment, D’Angelo and Stacks were on a bridge looking at the water when a splash was heard. D’Angelo said that Two Dimes tried to come for the throne and insinuated that he was now “sleeping with the fishes” before tossing Two Dimes’ gold watch in after him. Afterward, Santos Escobar called D’Angelo and taunted him over his not winning the NXT North American Championship last week and D’Angelo threw his phone into the river before he said he’d had it with Santos and was done with him.

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