Two shootings and armed masked gang spark new police powers in troubled area

Merseyside police officers will be targeting an area in Wirral, following reports of “serious violent crime.”

From 10am on Tuesday, June 28 to 3am on Wednesday, there will be extra officers in Woodchurch. Police have introduced a Section 60, meaning officers have enhanced powers to to stop people in the area, after increased reports of violence.

The most recent incident happened yesterday, when a masked man armed with a “huge knife” ran into Arrowe Park Hotel pub. Merseyside Police confirmed they were called at around 5.50pm on Monday, June 27, following reports of an incident inside.

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Once at the scene police were told three men ran into the pub armed with weapons. The men said they were “looking” for somebody before searching the building and then running out of the pub. The three men then left the scene in a car, possibly a BMW according to police.

Just weeks before, on June 8, there were reports of another incident at Arrowe Park Hotel. Police were called after reports three men had run into the pub to take cover. The men are alleged to have shouted that shots had been fired at them from a car.

In another shocking attack, on March 23, a 23-year-old man was shot multiple times in a drive-by style attack in Woodchurch. The victim was in a serious condition in hospital after the shooting at around 6.30pm on Wednesday, March 23.

The Section 60 covers the area bounded in the map pictured below and includes junction 3 of the M53 motorway to the Upton Road flyover, Upton Road to the junction of Arrowe Park Road, Arrowe Park Road to the junction of Woodchurch Road, Woodchurch Road and all streets and locations found within these areas.

Section 60 in Woodchurch
Section 60 in Woodchurch

Community policing inspector Alan McKeon said: “We’re introducing this Section 60 as an extra response to deal with reports of violence in Woodchurch. This is one of a number of measures we are taking to disrupt those who would consider using weapons in the area.

“Following an investigation launched by our officers regarding an incident at the Arrowe Park Hotel yesterday evening where reports were received that three men ran into the pub armed with weapons this order will give us the powers needed to stop and search people in Woodchurch.

“There have been a number of serious violent crimes in the area including the most recent incident that happened yesterday. This behaviour will not be tolerated and extra officers will be in the area to search any individuals or groups causing such issues, and to provide reassurance to the vast majority of law-abiding people in the community.

“Such action isn’t about bothering anyone going about their daily business or preventing young people from meeting with friends. It’s simply about taking action to reduce violence and make sure that everyone can feel safe where they live.

“Patrols have also been stepped up to reassure our residents so if you have any information on any offences in the area please speak with our officers.”

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