Tyrell Edwards indicted in fatal car accident released on bail

Tyrell Edwards, 18, will be able to leave the house for a few reasons and then alone in the company of his mother while he awaits the outcome of his case.

He has been in custody since Sept. 6 when his ute crashed into two trees near the Wollondilly Shire village of Buxton, killing five Picton High School students aged 14 to 16.

Tyrell Edwards has been released on bail after being charged with a crash that killed five teenagers. (Delivered)

While the crash had clearly caused grief and suffering, and the prosecution seemed fairly strong, Supreme Court Justice Robert Beech-Jones said that was not enough to simply refuse bail.

Keeping Edwards in custody until trial – possibly two years from now – was a long time for an 18-year-old “with no criminal history charged with an unintentional crime”.

“Despite much suffering and grief, this was not a balanced bail application,” the judge said on Tuesday.

“On the contrary, with good understanding, the application had to be granted.”

Edwards’ parents have promised to lose $100,000 if their son does not appear in court.

The teen was released on bail in September after a magistrate concluded that Edwards posed a risk to the community and could tamper with witnesses because of his strong community ties.

Tyrell Edwards' parents leave court.
Tyrell Edwards’ parents leave court. (MONKEY)

But Beech-Jones said it looked like the case would use forensic evidence and any risks could be mitigated by bail conditions.

Those conditions include not contacting witnesses to the prosecution, reporting to the police on a daily basis, and not sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

Edwards is also not allowed to be in the company of anyone under 18, except with his mother, who must also accompany him on Tuesday when he is released from custody.

He is due to appear before the Picton Local Court in November.

Lily Van De Putte, Tyrese Bechard, Summer Williams and Antonio Desisto were killed in Buxton's fatal crash.
Lily Van De Putte, Tyrese Bechard, Summer Williams and Antonio Desisto were killed in the Buxton crash. (Delivered)

A video allegedly shot in the run-up to the deadly crash supported elements of the violations and showed a high degree of moral guilt.

The video, which Edwards shot on his phone about an hour before the crash, shows him driving with two of the victims, according to a police summary.

However, its relevance was disputed by Edwards’ lawyers in the Supreme Court.

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