UES Strip Club Sex-Trafficked Young Workers: Suit | NYC Top Stories

New York City, NY — Here are some share-worthy stories from the New York City Patch network to talk about tonight.

Sapphire, an Upper East Side club, is accused of luring young employees into a prostitution ring and threatening them if they resisted.

A proposal designating the lesbian archive as a historic landmark was unanimously voted to move forward by the city’s landmarks commission.

“He’s very much like a baby in the house, ” the dog owner’s nephew told NBC, pleading for his family’s puppy, Off-White, to be returned.

A cruise line dance floor argument turned violent Tuesday morning off the coastline of New York City, according to the NYPD.

Thousands of bees were relocated by NYPD beekeepers Sunday after claiming a spot on a Midtown eatery’s outdoor dining shed.

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