‘Uncoupled’ Season 2: Michael & Colin Are Getting Back Together? Interview

We Need To Talk About Netflix’s Finale disconnected.

The eight-episode rom-com, starring Neil Patrick Harris as new single Manhattan real estate agent Michael Lawson, ends exactly as it began, with Michael and Colin (played by Desperate HousewivesTuc Watkins), standing in the beautiful apartment they’ve shared for 17 years.

Of course, a lot happens in those eight episodes. Like how Colin unexpectedly dumps Michael just before entering his own carefully planned 50th birthday party. Or how Colin effortlessly steps into the new life he apparently always wanted, and lets Michael pick up the pieces of their broken relationship.

But after sharing a dance with Michael at their friends’ wedding, Colin suddenly changes his mind. Michael returns to his supposedly empty apartment and finds his ex lurking in the shadows. “I think I made a mistake,” Colin says, leaving Michael standing there – mouth open appropriately – as the finale turns black.

“We like to paint ourselves in a corner,” executive producer Jeffrey Richman told TVLine. disconnected score an extension from Netflix.

Even if we never get to see this story in a second season, we still have to ask ourselves: Should Take back Michael Colin? A 17 year relationship is a lot to just throw away, but then again, didn’t Colin do the same when he moved? Michael clearly still misses him, but can he trust Colin won’t break his heart again? There’s a lot to think about here.

Think about it, weigh your options and then vote in our poll below. And if you have a brilliant third option for Michael, go ahead and drop that wisdom in a comment.

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