Vandalism of Pride flags at Drogheda’s Red Door Project widely condemned

The tearing down and destruction of Pride flags outside the Red Door Project premises in Drogheda has been widely condemned.

ith Pride Month drawing to a close the incident has caused upset for many in the LGBTQ community.

Joanne O’Dwyer, Counsellor at The Red Door Project said, “We at the Red Door are very upset and annoyed at the vandalism of the flags that represent a minority group in society. We are huge allies of the LGBTQ+ community and at all times strive for equality and inclusivity of everyone who uses our service.

“The flags that hung outside our building were a message to anyone who saw them that we welcome everyone who may need support to our service.

“The fact that this happened the week before Pride was even more of an annoyance to us. We are in the process of sourcing new flags this week and should have them erected again asap.

Joanna added, “There are cameras on our building so whoever is doing this disgusting act of vandalism will be caught and reported to the guards.”

Outcomers Drogheda have pledged to provide the Red Door Project with new flags through the ‘Proud in the North East’ initiative and the flags are expected to be back up and displayed by the end of this week.

Anthony Kinahan from Outcomers Drogheda said, “Outcomers Drogheda were saddened to hear about the senseless act of the vandalism of the Pride flag, the Trans Pride flag and the Bi-Pride flag happening to our friends at The Red Door Project.

“The Red Door Project have always been unwavering supporters of the local LGBTQ+ community & we are deeply appreciative of their ally-ship.

“Such vandalism is disgraceful & the perpetrators were clearly trying to make a point. But we would like to affirm that this kind of attitude is not welcome in Drogheda any longer!

“Drogheda is a welcoming place for all members of the LGBTQ+ community & support & solidarity is available for anyone who needs it. Especially in recent times, with the lives of members of our Trans community being needlessly ‘debated’ in our national media, Outcomers Drogheda would like to encourage the whole LGBTQ+ community and our allies to stand by the more vulnerable members of our community and call out this analysis for the inherently Transphobic rhetoric it is.

“We believe Trans Rights are Human Rights & this should be the end to any ‘debate.’”

The ‘Proud in the North East’ programme can supply any local business/organisation with a Pride flag for free to display in support of the LGBGQ+ community.

Flags can be requested from Outcomers by emailing a request to or calling 042 9329816.

For anyone in the local LGBTQ+ community that was affected by this vandalism or any of the issues it raises, Outcomers Drogheda are available as a point of support, information or referral to any members of the local LGBTQ+ community at; on 089 4048 599 or on our social media channels.

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