Video Shows Man Shooting Multiple People At Oak Forest Home – NBC Chicago

NOTE: Live coverage of the scene will appear in the player above once it is available.

Video from a surveillance camera in Oak Forest showed a horrific scene when a man opened fire on several people just before returning to a house which then burst into flames as he barricaded himself inside.

The footage, viewed Friday morning by NBC 5 reporter Sandra Torres at a neighbor’s house near the scene, appeared to show a man shooting someone in a driveway on the 5500 block of Ann Marie Lane. He then chased another person down the street and shot her.

A young girl runs from the house to another neighbor’s house, while what appears to be a young woman runs into the house where the shooting took place. The man then shoots a third person – a woman – in the driveway, after which he walks back into the house and closes the garage.

Moments later we see flames shooting out of the house.

The neighbor whose surveillance cameras captured the video said the people shot were members of the same family.

Police have not released any information about what happened, including the number of victims, their circumstances or their relationship to the man barricaded at the house, but are aware of the video.

Just after 10 a.m., authorities said there was no longer a threat to the community, but the Central Avenue street closure remains in place while the investigation continues.

More details are expected to be announced later on Friday.

Oak Forest residents were urged to take shelter in the area as authorities responded to “a barricaded subject” in the Chicago suburb.

According to officials, police responded to the barricade just after 7 a.m

Smoke was seen from a building in the same location where the crew worked to extinguish the flames. At the scene, the sound of what were believed to be shots could be heard.

The city noted that there was a lot of police and firefighters on the block and that Central Avenue was closed from Independence to 155th Street and 155th Street was closed from Long Avenue to Central Avenue.

Oak Forest High School reported it was under a “hold in place,” meaning students can still come to school, but not leave. School continued as normal on Friday morning.

Local residents said they were stunned by the news Friday.

“Normal family, just like us. The neighbors there were all shocked too. They don’t understand what happened,” said resident Cheryl Wilson.

Check back to learn more about this evolving story.

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