Vt. child behavior specialist addresses sibling dynamics in new book

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) — A new children’s book from a Vermont author aims to help growing families navigate complex feelings.

It’s called “Little Siblings, Big Feelings.” The author, Maya Burr, a child behavior specialist, says the topic of sibling dynamics is constantly raised by the families who come to her for help. But it wasn’t until she had her second child and started looking for books to help kids with coping strategies that she realized there weren’t many that dealt with that specifically.

“Early childhood kids don’t have those important self-regulation skills because their prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain responsible for self-regulation and impulse control — is under construction. And so we need to offer kids scripts and strategies to say, I have some space need to think before they behave if a sibling might come into their space or try to play with them,” Burr said.

One of the strategies in the book is a breathing exercise to help children calm down.

You can find the book on her website. She hopes local retailers will carry it too.

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