Weed farmers dump bags of cannabis remains on Smethwick road prompting invite to police station

Weed farmers have dumped bags of cannabis at the side of a road. At least three bags were discarded on Vicarage Road, in Smethwick, Sandwell .

The bags appeared to contain stems and branches from cannabis plants, the parts which are not smoked by users. The cannabis has since been found by West Midlands Police .

Officers have asked the growers to hand themselves in. The police account tweeted: “If anyone wants to come and claim this lot of cannabis, disposed of in Vicarage Road, Smethwick, we will be waiting for you at the station to discuss the matter.

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“Now with PC Markham and PC Teall.” The average cannabis plant fetches an estimated street value of £1,000 in the West Midlands.

Cannabis is a Class B drug in the UK, have been upgraded from Class C in 2009. Growing cannabis can carry a maximum jail term of 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

However, according to the Sentencing Councilpunishments can range from a fine to 10 years in custody.

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