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Julie Chen on Big Brother

The final regular eviction episode of Big Brother 24 has arrived as we prepare for the reveal of the season’s Final 3, when another Houseguest is voted out tonight with the combined Veto Meeting + Eviction decision in one fell swoop. Get ready!

The last HGs have been waiting all week since the Veto Comp took place last week. HGs wondered if they’d have a veto meeting for the eviction show, but no, when it’s all put together in one moment. Monte has the veto and Monte isn’t on the block, so there’s no choice but to let him choose: Brittany or Turner.

One of those two HGs will go out to join the jury and the other HG will stay to participate in the next three HOH compositions. The best two out of three on that front get to choose who will stand with him or her in front of the jury. It’s seriously close, just days away from the Big Brother 24 winner being crowned!

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We get a solid jury segment here with Terrance arriving first (Joseph jokes it’s a Dyre Fest reunion), then Michael showing up and the judges loved his quick eviction, and finally Alyssa arrives much to Kyle’s disappointment. And in the conversations, Alyssa drops the bomb that Taylor spent several nights in Monte’s HOH bedroom that *shocked Joseph. oops.

We’ve known for days who plans to keep Monte in this mood, but hats off to Taylor and Brittany for keeping the fight alive. Monte knows he probably has twice the chances of making it to the end with Turner rather than keeping Brittany close. Brittany and Taylor want to take each other away. Sure, Brittany would be easier to beat in this F3 HOH, but it’s no guarantee. Meanwhile, Turner seems determined to take Monte, so why not.

Results Big Brother 24 – Week 11 Voting:

  • Monte votes for expulsion: Brittany

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We also get a visit from last season’s dominant alliance, The Cookout. They return to the front stage to talk to Julie about the season and their impressions of the Houseguests.

Okay, so we have our last 3 of the season. Here’s how the rest of the events are going to work. After the eviction show, the F3 will sit down to film the Memory Lane segments for Friday’s (8/7c) episode. When they’re done with that, they head out to participate in the first round of the final HOH. This should be an endurance comp, but not a guarantee. The winner there awaits round three, while the other two HGs advance to round two. The second round is likely on Friday. Neither comp is expected to be featured on the feeds. Winners of the first two rounds will compete against each other during the live show on Sunday night (8/7c) for the power to evict one of the other two HGs. And that will be it!

After the show, we’ll head back to the Live Feeds to watch the fallout and get ready for the final days of the season. Grab the free trial and join us there now!

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