Why Fans Are Remembering 90 Day Fiancé Star Stephanie Davison

TLC viewers want 90 Day Fiancé season 8 cast member Stephanie Davison to return to the franchise with Pillow Talk or 90 Day: The Single Life.

The self-confessed “cougar” of 90 Day FianceStephanie Davison, is missed by some TLC viewers. 52-year-old Stephanie was engaged to 27-year-old Ryan Carr on season 7 of the series. Stephanie, the owner of Skin Envy Medispa & Boutique, met Ryan during a vacation in Belize, and dated him for three years before applying for his K-1 visa, so he could come to the U.S. While Stephanie waited for Ryan to arriveshe’d spoken about her trust issues, since she’d caught Ryan texting multiple women. Stephanie had been spending $500-$1300 a month on Ryan, but also had her own secret, as she’d hooked up with his cousin, Harris Flowers.


Ryan’s visa process kept getting delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Stephanie decided to visit Belize. There, things soured between Stephanie and Ryan. In fact, she claimed that he’d physically attacked her. Stephanie then turned to his cousin Harris for solace, but he was already married, and even had kids of his own. The show ended with Stephanie making plans to get Harris to America. However, soon enough, the Michigan woman alleged that her entire storyline was faked. While Stephanie and Ryan were a real couple, she said that they’d broken up before she started filming. In Stephanie’s Instagram videowhich she dubbed “Sofa Talk With Steph,” she called Harris a substitute, stating that she was never going to bring him to the USA on a K-1 visa. She spoke about how her “age is just a number” portrayal was inaccurate, and remarked that she was in pain (and miserable) in Belize, due to long shoot hours and being bitten by sand flies.

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It seems like Stephanie’s discomfort was translated into something else on TV, and the steroids and antihistamines that she took to treat the insect bites ended up making her look like she was under the influence. She seemed dazed, and even called Harris “Ryan” on camera, with her eyes seeming to close in mid-sentence. Fans were very intrigued by Stephanie back then, and they still are now, because she’s no longer so active on Instagram. Reddit user u/Azurebluenomad remembered Stephanie from 90 Day Fiance season 8, and wondered if she would make a great addition to Pillow Talk or 90 Day: The Single Life. “Yes, I miss Stephanie, she was one of my favorites! The RYHarris wine slurring was iconic,” wrote u/Twizzlers666. “She was drunk most of the time on the show,” added u/No_Sir446. The accompanying photo of Stephanie with her “mega pint” of wine also got reactions from fans, such as u/fastingallstarwho wrote, “I saw her on the show and never realized she poured her glasses that high.”

Stephanie Davison Skin Envy Harris Wine In 90 Day Fiance

However, fans did recall that Stephanie had plans to sue TLC since she needed hospital treatment for the allergic reaction from the bug bites. The lawsuit claimed that TLC producers were unwilling to pay for 90 Day Fiance cast member Stephanie’s medical expenses, and she was suing for reimbursement. She wanted funds for medical costs and other expenses incurred during filming. In her now-deleted post, Stephanie had written hashtags, including, “#theycangof*ckthemselves #paymewhatyouoweme #careaboutyourcast #manipulatedbeyondbelief#seeyouincourt,” which could have been why she was uninvited from the Tell-All. Also, Stephanie got into trouble after she supposedly made claims about the Ipamorelin and Sermorelin injections at her non-surgical weight loss clinic, remarking that they help to prevent COVID-19. Stephanie was in hot water with the Michigan Attorney General, but she did eventually reach an agreement that resolved the dispute.

More shockingly, Stephanie’s last post on Instagram was a selfie with convict O.J. Simpson, posted around Valentine’s Day, which sparked dating rumors. Stephanie has gone quiet on IG since then, so TLC viewers are looking for answers about the Grand Rapids woman.  Some fans speculate that after everything Stephanie went through on her season, she won’t be coming back to any 90 Day Fiance franchise series. Since fans are complaining about the current line-up of cast members being boring, it’s no surprise that they miss watching Stephanie’s controversial antics on screen and of.

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