Why selling your things before a move can be satisfying

I’ve spent the past three years nesting. Getting very comfortable in my living space. Buying things I like and really making myself at home.

But two weeks ago, I got offered an amazing opportunity to “up sticks” and move from Bendigo, Victoria to live nearly 4,000 kilometres away in Darwin, Northern Territory.

It has meant I’ve had to dismantle my nest, downsize like no tomorrow, and sell things I don’t particularly want to part with.

It’s been confronting at times, but also quite illuminating meeting people who want to buy my things off the internet.

Selling things online is kinda new to me, so I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

I’d seen my aunt put things on social media to sell. “Who would want that?”, I kept thinking.

Drinking glasses, dining room tables, chairs, you name it — she’d put it up. I decided to give it a go.

A shoe rack, timber stools and a metronome

My first item was a shoe rack. I bought it three years ago when I moved into my small one-bedroom apartment in inner-Melbourne. It was perfect for that apartment; the right length, width, and colour.

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