With critical ballpark vote ahead for A’s, a convenient ‘leaving for Las Vegas’ leak

The Oakland Athletics are the worst team in Major League Baseball. As of Tuesday morning, they had lost twice as many games as they had won, with a 25-50 record, and they were 5-18 in the month of June.

That doesn’t mean the A’s aren’t supplying plenty of exciting drama. Just not on the field.

This week, another episode of the A’s ongoing soap opera dropped, “Leaving (Maybe, Possibly, Perhaps) for Las Vegas.”

A vote of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission is scheduled for Thursday, which will determine whether the commission approves the A’s request to remove Howard Terminal’s 56-acre parcel from port designation.

A “yes” vote would be a step toward opening the site to development.

A “no” vote? Viva Las Vegas! That would remove Howard Terminal as a viable site for the A’s bloated ballpark-development proposal.

The office of Major League Baseball, which likes nothing better than meddling in civic matters, is trying to leverage the voting commissioners with a not-so-subtle threat.

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