You can read Nope’s excellent script online

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: awards season, or more specifically, the awards season courtship when studios release beautiful behind-the-scenes samples of the the best movies of the past year to drum up the FYC hype. Sure, we’re not the ones nominating things for awards, but it’s still nice to reap the rewards.

The last advantage is that on weekends, Indiewire shared the full script that Jordan Peele wrote for him sci-fi marvel no as part of the film’s awards ceremony. While there may be something to be said about experience no without the visual element as an interesting exercise in its own right, given the nature of the mysterious, compelling UFO at the center of the story. But it’s a chance to get an up close look at what Peele put into the film before it hit the cameras – what changed, what came across differently, what isn’t quite there.

You can check out nothe full script here.

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