Young & Restless: Jack Sees No Future with Phyllis, Tessa’s Heath Problem

At home, Mariah types while Tessa tunes her guitar. She stops because she worries it might be disturbing her working from home. Mariah loves having her own private concert. They chat about Mariah’s new workload and Kyle sticking around. She admits she might even be happy to see Summer staying. However, she is worried about how complicated Diane’s presence could make it for a lot of people.

Mariah worries about Tessa's tea Y&R

They discuss all the tea Tessa has been drinking. She’s been resting her voice and her wife worries she could be coming down with something. Her throat has been bugging her since they got back from their honeymoon. Tessa dismisses it as nothing and suggests they take a little break from work together.

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Nick strolls into Crimson Lights for some coffee and conversation with Sharon. She heard about the Newman press conference. He assures her he was in the loop on all of it and fills her in on how things escalated with his sister. She hopes he told Victoria he will always be there for her. He did, even though he disagrees with what she’s doing. Shoving Adam straight into Victoria’s seat seems like a big mistake to him. “Victoria’s reign may be over but the second round of games is about to begin,” he says.

Sharon Nick talk Newman Y&R

They get a table and talk about infighting at the company. Nick will allow that Adam has come a long way as a businessman, but he’s been too ambitious to take control. Ultimately, this situation is all because of Victor. They wonder why Nikki didn’t take over. Nick is sure it’s not about business. It was just a move to aggravate Victoria. Sharon says that’s a gamble. If it works, what will it mean for Adam?

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Nick worries that everyone is acting on emotion. They need to take a collective breath and figure out what the best move is. At times like this, he’s reminded he doesn’t have an official position in the company. Sharon wonders if he’s actually considering going back to Newman. He makes it clear that’s not his intent. He’d just like to be more than someone offering his opinions for the outside. He’s very nervous about how all this could play out.

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Mariah and Tessa stroll in. Sharon and Nick note they’ve barely seen them since they got back. Tessa needs tea and honey. Sharon muses that she’s had a sore throat for a while and suggests she see someone about it. Mariah agrees. Sharon orders her to make an appointment. The other two pitch in to pressure her to do it. Tessa gives in.

Once she’s gone, Mariah checks on Nick and Sharon to see if everything is alright. They discuss the press conference. She wishes Nick luck with whatever is going on and then has to get back to work.

Sharon orders Tessa see doctor Y&R

Sharon and Nick return to their earlier conversation. She didn’t think they would ever be discussing this topic again. He left that company many times already. Nick was convinced he was done with Newman forever and had moved on to being his own man. However, if he’d stayed there was a lot he could have done to keep peace and balance in the family. The irony is that he’s been in a neutral position because he’s been out for so long.

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Sharon wonders if maintaining that distance would be more fulfilling than returning. She thinks if he trusts his instincts, he’ll know what to do and she supports him totally. Nick thanks her for her wisdom and then gets a call from his dad and has to go.

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At the Abbot home, Jack gets a text from Phyllis, requesting to meet. Diane asks him if she can take Harrison to the park. When she steps away, he sends Phyllis a text asking what there is that’s left to say. She immediately calls him. He resists but picks up. Phyllis tells him they have some unresolved business they need to talk about. Jack agrees to do this in person and abruptly heads off to see her.

Phyllis calls Jack Y&R

Jack drops by to see Phyllis at her suite in the Grand Phoenix. He warns her that she can say what she wants but it won’t change anything. She needs some wine to calm her nerves and tries tempting him to join her. Jack doesn’t think this will work. She thought he’d have known better than to count her out. Phyllis hates that he thinks she used him. He was right to be furious with her because it was outrageous and immature. There are a lot of old wounds and insecurities and they are getting the better of her. Jack has heard all of this before and wonders if she is faking her sincerity. Red repeats that she regrets what she did; she’s wearing her heart on her sleeve right now.

Phyllis offers Jack wine Y&R

Jack makes it clear that what they had was only a “what if,” not the the beginning of a new stage in their relationship. He’s sure she only regrets what she did because it backfired. As soon as Diane returned, the Phyllis of years ago did too. He’s not going to make the same mistakes again. Whatever fleeting moment they had is over. “I have changed and I will prove it to you,” she insists. When she tells him about her truce with Diane, he’s sure that only happened because of Summer. Phyllis says she did it for the greater good. Jack repeats that they have no future so she reminds him of the connection they felt in California. He thinks they should have settled on being friends. His desire and hope for something better got in the way. Now even the friendship may be gone. “This is not where our story ends,” she pleads.

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Jack reminds her of how all her recent relationships have been disasters. She’s tried to break the pattern in the past, but maybe its not a pattern at all. Maybe that’s just who she is. Maybe one man is never enough. Jack wonders why she can never fully embrace happiness, why everything has to be about the chase. Shaking his head, he walks out.

Jack thinks it's over Y&R

Noah meets up with Allie while she’s exercising in Chancellor Park. He tries and fails to make a joke to demonstrate how charming he can be and then they take a run. Once they circle back, he pants and admits how impressed he is by her speed. They talk about habits and she teases him about kicking his butt on the run.

Allie teases Noah Y&R

Diane and Harrison show up. As the kid jogs off, she says she’s glad to see Allie has found another young person. Noah isn’t friendly. He makes it clear that he’s not forgetting the past and all the messed up stuff she did to people he cares about. Allie can’t speak to what happened, but Diane did her a big favor, even if she went about it in a sketchy way. She’s sure that Diane is a changed person. Diane thanks her for that and understands some people will have a problem with her. She can take that because spending time with her son is worth it.

Diane bumps into Allie Y&R

As Diane watches Harrison play, she remembers telling Allie all the things she’d hoped would happen when she planned to return.

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Noah and Allie go to Crimson Lights. He apologizes for losing it with Diane. He thought he could handle it but everything she did came back to him today. It’s unclear to him why she thinks Diane deserves a second shot. She knows that Diane made a lot of people angry and wouldn’t tell him to forget why, but forgiveness is important. If her dad had forgiven Jack, her life could have been very different. Life is really lonely without forgiveness and trust.

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When Tessa goes home from her doctor’s appointment, she tells Mariah it did not go as she’d expected. Her doctor says there are vocal cord nodules. She’s being sent to a specialist for confirmation. Worst case scenario is surgery. This could take her out of her tour and she’s worried about her voice long-term. Mariah tells her to stay calm. They need to take this one step at a time. Her wife is really scared. Mariah is sure she will be singing and selling out tours for years to come.

Tessa bad news Mariah Y&R

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