Yung Miami denies interference over Diddy and Kevin Gates dating rumors

Yung Miami has had enough of the internet stories about her, including those about men. So on Sunday, the artist took to her Instagram to clear the air about bubbling rumours. A rumor she closed was about her involvement with Diddy. The other story was a bit far fetched and involved spending quality time with Kevin Gates. She asked the public to stop talking about her and to believe unwarranted talk in her short tirade.

On July 30, Yung Miami wrote, “I’m really having a nervous breakdown right now.” A minute later, she tweeted again. This time she wrote about sleepless nights and wasting energy.

At the time, she gave no additional context about her mental health and lack of sleep and energy. But two days later, images surfaced online showing that she may have been on the same yacht as Diddy and his family. Location: Capri, Italy.

People speculate online Breakdown is about Diddy—Miami says no

Between the Capri vacay and Caresha’s tirade on Sunday, conversations began to bubble about her nervous breakdown. People seemed to believe that Diddy was the cause of her sleepless nights – a rumor that Miami isn’t here.

“People really make up stories and believe it,” Yung Miami said. She added: “The s**t I read about me online, I’m like yoooo. I had a nervous breakdown because of some shit I was going through in my personal work life…it had nothing to do with a man. Do you really think I’m that weak to have a breakdown over a guy and go on the internet and tweet it? It’s never as deep as people go through real life.”

Miami didn’t end its tirade there. Instead, she turned to people who… “Get on the internet, make things up and then be hard-boiled in the comments about it…” Not one to hold back, Caresha clarified that these people don’t know her.

“You don’t fucking know me, shut up and stop speaking to me, stop speaking to me. Don’t pronounce me because you don’t know me and you don’t know what the hell I’m doing,” said Miami.’

Yung Miami Says She’s Not Kevin Gates’ Acne Bae—Denies photos of toes

Last week Kevin Gates was interviewed on The breakfast club. He spoke on multiple topics, but a viral moment was his comment about his sex life and meeting his bedroom match. Although he claimed he hadn’t met his match yet, he admitted that a woman with acne came along “very close.”

“And the reason I say she’s very close – oh God, don’t kill me – she got acne on her face. I know this sounds crazy. Many women with acne on their face got a good pu**y. Because their hormones are so out of balance, they get constipated,” Kevin said. “So they don’t resolve well. Look, as soon as I actually put it on her, her face starts to brighten up.’

Less than 48 hours after the clip made its round, Kevin posted someone’s french-manicured toes. His caption said: “with a little acne – if he doesn’t rub your little feet, pu**y.”

The post quickly grew in likes. Meanwhile, online users tried to use clues in the video to guess who acne might be. Yung Miami’s name made it onto the list after she posted a photo feed. One of her photos shows her French manicured toes pressed into heels with a rope design. That photo fueled the speculation, especially considering acne bae’s feet had prints — similar to the design on Yung Miami’s heels.

“And those aren’t my fucking toes,” Yung Miami said. “You b****es can clearly see they’re not my f***ing toes. That girl is like very white skin, I mean fair skin, girl. I am a girl with brown skin. That don’t f***ing me, like leave me alone.”

Miami asks audience to “stop making everything about a man”

Miami also challenged viewers to visit her Twitter profile and see how she has previously handled difficult moments of her life on that platform.

“Stop making everything about a man,” she said. “I’m not weak in the knees, b***h. The way you really think about me, you really think I was just “a weak a**b***ing and can never do that,”

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